Riverside Gardens  in Houston

Riverside Gardens

3707 East Valley Rd, Houston, BC

  • Garden
  • Home
  • “Proven Winners” line of plants
  • Vegetable and flower bedding plants
  • Beautiful planters and hanging baskets

Meet Gerrit & Theresa Keegstra

Gerrit & Theresa Keegstra  is the owner of Riverside Gardens

Gerrit and Theresa Keegstra were a young couple in their 20’s back in the mid 1980’s when they were looking for a place to settle and careers that would carry them through the next several decades. Though the two met in Edmonton, Theresa’s roots were in the Houston / Bulkley Valley region, so the two decided to look at making a home in Houston. An opportune chance to purchase a local gardening business sealed the deal for the couple, and in 1986 they opened Riverside Gardens. They’ve been making Houston backyards more colourful ever since.

Gerrit and Theresa are active in their church, and they even have a Bible study that meets in their home each Sunday afternoon. For the Keegstras, their business is an extension of their spirituality, and they try to run it on the same principles that guide their lives. Gerrit gets a sense of satisfaction out of training staff in the art and science of plant care, and has developed a talent over the years for uncovering people’s hidden skills and gifts, and putting them to work in areas they are best suited for. It’s also important to Gerrit that he work right alongside his employees, demonstrating a strong work ethic and helping them channel their unique and individual talents. “I love pulling together a team and helping make things happen,” says Gerrit. And when you only have two months each year in which to do it, it’s very rewarding when it turns out to be a success.

Creative. Artistic. Supportive.

Every May and June Riverside Gardens helps bring Houston out of the greyness of winter and into a spring full of vibrant colour. The Proven Winners brand is Riverside Gardens’ customer’s assurance that the beautiful flowers and luscious vegetables they plant will grow and thrive all season long. For more than 25 years, Riverside Gardens has been providing healthy, gorgeous bedding plants, flowers, vegetable seedlings, planters and hanging baskets to local gardeners, making Houston greener one plant at a time. Green thumbs and novices alike will also find helpful advice about the local growing climate and what to plant when and where.

Contact + Hours

  • Monday to Saturday
  • 10:00 am - 6:00 pm
  • *During the planting season.


  • 3707 East Valley Rd
  • Houston, BC
  • V0J 1Z0, Canada

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