Pleasant Valley Community Market in Houston

Pleasant Valley Community Market

Hwy 16, Houston, BC

  • Agriculture & Food Production
  • Food & Beverage
  • Arts & Hand Crafts
  • Fresh, locally-grown and produced food
  • Hand-made crafts and artwork by local artisans
  • Promoting fresh, healthy eating and eco-sustainability for Houston

Meet the HOPE Society Board Members & Pleasant Valley Market Vendors

the HOPE Society Board Members & Pleasant Valley Market Vendors is the owner of Pleasant Valley Community Market

The Pleasant Valley Community Market was originally an initiative from the Houston Chamber of Commerce and has existed since 2007. The Chamber of Commerce eventually put out a call to the community to take over the development and operation of the market. A handful of community members, many who were already involved in other eco-sustainable projects in Houston, stepped up to try to help the market move forward. Today the market is overseen by the HOPE (Healthy Options for People and the Earth) Society of Houston, which is governed by a board of volunteer citizens.

The market has grown since it first began from an average of two vendors to an average of seven vendors currently. Board member Cindy Verbeek is thrilled with the growth that has taken place and would love to see it continue to expand over the next few seasons. “We want to be able to provide the opportunity for connection between small entrepreneurs and farmers and the people who want high quality food grown and made close to home,” she says. The market, she adds, is an amazing way for people to showcase their skills and talents to their fellow residents. In turn, when residents purchase locally-grown and produced items their money goes right back into their own community.

Part of the market’s and the HOPE Society’s mandate is to move Houston toward being more self-sustaining, which is better not just for the people who live here but for the environment as well. “My hope is that more people get into small businesses and we start serving each other,” Cindy states. “There are so many skills here in Houston!”

Local. Eco-Friendly. Community.

The Pleasant Valley Community Market is Houston’s own Farmer’s Market and its goal is to connect Houston residents with local farmers, food-producers and artisans. The Pleasant Valley Community Market is operated by the HOPE (Healthy Options for People and the Earth) Society and its goal is to encourage healthy eating and eco-sustainability within Houston. Market guests will find a variety of vendors, from farmers to bakers to artists.

The Pleasant Valley Community Market takes place every Friday at Steelhead Park. The park is easily accessible by the highway and open to community members and out of town visitors alike. The market runs from June to September each year

Contact + Hours

  • Friday
  • 10:00 am - 3:00 pm


  • Hwy 16
  • Houston, BC
  • V0J 1Z0, Canada