Janeen - Equine Lameness Practitioner in Houston

Janeen - Equine Lameness Practitioner

1 3459 9 St NE, Houston, BC

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Meet Janeen Jellett

Janeen Jellett is the owner of Janeen - Equine Lameness Practitioner

Houston is a fantastic place to live if you’re a horse lover like Janeen Jellett. In fact, she has long felt a special connection to horses, which is one of the reasons she decided to pursue a career as an Equine Lameness Practitioner. One of her frequent haunts is Four Seasons Park where she can ride and network with other local riders and horse owners.

Janeen grew up in Houston and comes from an entrepreneurial family. Running her own business was probably in her blood, and, along with her equine practice, she helps out with her Mom’s business, Angel Flowers and Gifts, from time to time and also manages Happy Jacks Pub. Janeen is proud to be a part of the Houston business community and is grateful for the flexibility that having her own business affords her. But Janeen’s favourite place to be will always be on the back of a horse.

Soothing. Relaxing. Understanding.

Equine Lameness Practitioner Janeen Jellett uses her experience, skillful touch and intuition to help horses perform at their best and provide horse owners with peace of mind. Limping in horses is a sign that something isn’t sound and may indicate musculoskeletal or nervous system problems, often due to injury, stress or over-use of muscles. Janeen provides quality care by gently and carefully applying chiropractic and massage treatments to get horses back to a state of soundness and health. Treatment involves assessments of health, history, gait, movement, range of motion, and physical muscle, soft tissue, and skeletal condition. Therapy helps optimise mobility and treat and prevent injury. Janeen provides treatments for acute and chronic problems as well as regular adjustments that can help prevent problems from arising in the first place. Janeen also carries a variety of Natural Choice Wellness products for horses.

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  • 1 3459 9 St NE
  • Houston, BC
  • V0J 1Z0, Canada

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