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Meet Brendan Hodge

Brendan Hodge is the owner of B. Hodge Contracting

Doing business in a small town isn’t like doing business in a big city, according to Brendan Hodge, owner of B. Hodge Contracting. In a city, your customers are often strangers. In a place like Houston, your customers are your friends and neighbours. This gives meaning and purpose to Brendan’s day-to-day work, whether he is building something new or renovating an existing home. He adds, “Everybody smiles and waves and knows your kids’ names even if you don’t know them.”

Brendan prefers small town living for a number of reasons besides being able to work for his friends. He notes that “no matter where you are, you are never far from home.” Everything you need is nearby and easy to get to. He also appreciates all of the outdoor recreational opportunities available in Houston. He enjoys riding his motorcycle and walking the path by the forks of the Bulkley and Buck Creek, which he says is one of Houston’s “hidden gems” because only the locals know about it.

Brendan became an entrepreneur out of a desire to improve his own family’s standard of living. He appreciates being able to work with his wife and takes great pride in the workmanship of everything that his company builds.

Dependable. Thorough. Professional.

B. Hodge Contracting has been a trusted builder in the Houston area since 2000. B. Hodge Contracting strives to do much more than build structures: it seeks to improve people’s quality of living. Head contractor Brendan Hodge has well over a decade of industry and business experience and looks forward to serving many more Houston residents in the years to come.

Brendan is a certified forklift/skidsteer operator and is proud to offer a forklift/skidsteer certified training program through his company B. Hodge Contracting.

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  • 1965 Nadina Ave S
  • Houston, BC
  • V0J 1Z0, Canada

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